15 minutes of fame

  • Posted on January 19, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Monday brought with it some great work in therapy. It was great to have Mommy and Anne to play with while working, even if it was also a bit distracting. After our morning session, we went to the playroom, affectionately referred to as the Alvin room due to the chipmunk standees that surround it. We had just started playing when some athletes from the University of Tampa showed up for some play time too. They brought stuffed animals, games, and other toys to hand out to all the kids. Nica got a new bear, and Anne got a new puppy. This was a great excuse to postpone afternoon PT and get in some press time for everyone. Lots of pictures were taken of all the kids in the room with the athletes, but only one photo ended up on the Bay News 9 website, Anne and Nica with some girls from the women’s soccer team. Alas, all things must end, and play time is no different. Ms. Katie came to get us for PT and a treat. We did some work in the standing rig and discovered the awe and wonder of the bubble machine. After therapy it was back to the “Alvin Room” for some quick down time before dinner.

We opted to try the cafeteria for dinner. Mommy had the MLK Jr commemorative meal, Memphis brisket with all the fixins. When dinner was over, it was time to say goodbye to Mommy and Anne for a few days. We weren’t happy about it but we knew they would be back in a few short days.

Nica-1st-Soccer-Practice video                         Bubble-Shower video

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