1 week down

  • Posted on January 19, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Well we’ve completed a full week of therapy and things are looking good. The goal for this week is to have Nica walking 25ft with assistance. I’m not sure we’ll hit that mark but we can sure try for it. We are having some problems keeping Nica on track. She wants to quit after only a few steps. I know she can do more but it’s keeping her motivated that we need to figure out. The Neuropsychologist sat in on this mornings PT. She felt like Katie and I, not sure which direction to head in with Nica. Is it better with me there or out of the room? She’s decided she’ll sit in on a couple more sessions and go from there. I’m starting to notice some redness on Nica’s inner right thigh. I need to have one of the nurses take a look at it.

Despite all the troubles, today held some of the best footsteps we’ve seen from Nica yet. We lined the hallway with musical instruments and she had to walk from one to the next in order to play them. It worked well when she wasn’t pitching a fit. She’s really taken a liking to playing the triangle. That’s my girl. The star of the show. She and Vari often compete for the piano, but today he wanted to come and join our tea party. It was very nice to have a fresh face at the table. He poured out the tea for everyone while Nica handed out the petits fours. It was generally agreed that it was an excellent for a tea party and a fine time was had by all who attended.

In the evening bath time was so nice that we had it twice following Nica’s pooping in the tub. Hey, at least she pooped. I told the nurses about what she had done as they tend to ask several times a day about Nica’s passages. I also told them that I didn’t fish it out and weigh it asĀ  is customary but instead retrieved it and flushed it. They said that was fine and charted it as such. Once we were super clean, a Dr Riggs, from PICU, came down to take a good look at Nica’s back. He was pleased with how it was looking and ordered that we continue the dressing and antibiotics. A couple of hours later we discovered that the pediatric floor ran out of her antibiotics and had to send a request to the pharmacy for some more. I was assured that it would only take 10-15 minutes to get here but it was an hour later and an hour past Nica’s bed time before it arrived. This really stinks considering she’s scheduled for therapy an hour earlier tomorrow. Oh well. what can you do.


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